From manuscript to market

Are you struggling to navigate the complex world of book publishing?

From start to finish, our comprehensive book publishing coaching & consulting program covers all aspects of the process, ensuring your work stands out in a competitive industry and positions you as a successful published author.

Are you struggling to navigate the complex world of book publishing, feeling overwhelmed by the technical challenges of formatting and design, and questioning your ability to create a successful book in the face of rejection and self-doubt?

Investing a lot of time and heart into writing a book, only to see it overlooked, can be demoralizing, especially when common marketing strategies, like social media and bookstore appearances fail to make a difference. This process can leave you feeling more lost than before you started.

Here's the reality...

  • About 90% of books fail to sell to their potential, because expertise in the craft of writing doesn't always translate to the ability to sell books.

  • ”The rules of publishing" are basically mismanaged expectations that send you into comparisonitis, procrastination, or my favorite...scrapping everything and starting over because we perpetually like to stay stuck in drafting mode (especially if it involves self promotion).

The truth about becoming a successful author is clear:

  • It's hard work.

  • Most authors never reach their publishing goals.

  • It rarely goes according to plan.

  • ​It requires significant investment of time and/or money.

  • ​Dedicated effort is essential to gain the creative career sought by many.

  • The publishing industry is dynamic, with ever-evolving strategies.

  • Every path to publishing—indie or not—requires you to be the CEO of your own literary business, and if you haven’t taken a proactive approach to building your audience, you won’t be able to control your career.

Exciting, right??

Once you actually stare down the real truth of business building and stop feeling jealous of “successful authors” on your newsfeed all day long, the publishing journey is actually the most thrilling and satisfying endeavor I can think of.

Nothing compares to it.

  • You get to be the CEO of your own creative business, and subsequently... the way you spend your time.

  • You get to influence the lives of your readers and, by extension, the world.

  • You get the immense satisfaction of watching your audience grow and seeing the glowing reader reviews.

  • With each book, your ability to connect with readers grows.

  • Your craft improves, and you will be able to help others succeed as well.

In the words of Richard Bach, "A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit."

Which means you are going to need . . .

The right kind of support.

A platform and skills to use it.

Marketing and business strategy.

Systems for tracking success. realize your full capabilities and propel your publishing career to its potential.

After coaching hundreds of authors, and working in the publishing industry (on both self and traditional publishing sides) for decades, and working with some of the brightest minds in book marketing, I know the habits and patterns that create growth and leverage, and the ones that do the opposite (aka the stuff you should STEER clear of). 

I’ve taken that experience, knowledge, and insight, and put together a consulting program for career writers and growing publishers who are looking for strategic training and high touch support to shortcut the growth curve and avoid the pitfalls of “magic bullet” thinking so they can stay on a consistent path to audience growth and increased profitability.

The Book Publishing Navigator

An elite publishing coaching and consulting program for authors and growing indie publishers focused on marketing & systems growth for their book publishing business.

The Details:

The Book Publishing Navigator provides two aspects to personal development: Coaching to improve mindset, time management, and personal success habits, and consulting for knowledge transfer, cutting through the red tape and learning process, and getting to success more quickly. The program will be adjusted to each individual based on your situation and experience.

The program is new this year, but we only want to enroll authors and publishers who are committed to commercial success, and there is an application process to be accepted. We’re actively looking for small ambitious publishers, founders of hybrid publishing companies, and authors who plan a multi-book career, either as an indie or with a major publishing house. We don’t currently support single-book authors in this program.

Joining requires a commitment of at least 6 months, as tangible progress and momentum in the publishing industry take time to build. Our goal is for you to recognize the immense value in the consulting resources, coaching, and services we provide and decide to continue your journey with us!

The results are extraordinary when you undertake consistent action, working towards building a personal author brand and a community of readers.

The program is founded on three essential elements:

Platform & Skill Development

Personal Mentoring

Continuous Feedback


Platform & Skill Development

You'll be guided through the process at your own pace, but our program is enhanced with comprehensive marketing and operational content tailored for book publishers and author-publishers. Throughout the year, we continually update our members' area with new trainings and workshops.

This includes:

  • Publication Roadmapping

  • Positioning and/or Query Support

  • Publication Strategy

  • Platform Building

  • Alternative Revenue Sources

  • Promotion Management

  • Workflow and Automations

  • Monitoring & Accountability


Personal Mentoring

Daily support is offered via Messaging. You can message your coach anytime, and coaches' response time is approximately 24 hours or less during business hours.

Phone and Google Meet Support as needed. If you need urgent support, a phone or video call is available.

This includes:

  • Marketing Audits - These are weekly and are reviews on your website, email, social media, ads, or pitches.

  • Planning Meetings - We get together quarterly to map out our 90 day targets and 30 day goals.

  • Referral Network - Creating powerful partnerships that enhance your publishing network.

  • Project Management on Demand* - We'll hire and supervise creative and technical work on an as-needed basis *available as an upgrade.

  • Digital Tool Recommendation and Training - We have a shortlist of the top digital tools for any solution and can help you choose and implement them.

Our decades-deep experience in book publishing allows us to be the expert guide you need to build your publishing business quickly without the steep learning curve.


Support for Continuous Improvement

Our program is fortified with dedicated, one-on-one support uniquely crafted for emerging authors and publishers. We ensure continual updates and enhancements in our strategies to cater to your specific needs, and we'll hold you accountable as you grow your business.

This includes:

  • Customized Business Growth Plans

  • Direct Coaching Sessions

  • Tailored Feedback on Marketing and Sales Strategies

  • Market Positioning Feedback

  • In-depth Analysis and Tracking of your Book Launch

  • Support for List Building and Fanbase Strategies

  • Guidance on Personal Branding and Online Presence

  • Sales Planning and Revenue Optimization Advice

Providing individualized, direct assistance to guarantee that both you and your publishing business get the specific support and attention required for substantial development and progress.

That’s the foundation of The Publishing Navigator Program

About the Coach

Julie Trelstad

Julie Trelstad

Julie Trelstad is a sought-after publishing industry consultant and coach with three decades of industry-leading experience.

Julie currently serves as the Head of Publishing for StreetLib USA as well as the Producer of Buzz Books for Publishers Marketplace. She began her career as a book editor for publishers like The Taunton Press, John Wiley & Sons, and Reader's Digest. An early pioneer in digital innovation for publishing, Julie was previously the Director of Digital Rights at Writers House literary agency, working with top authors such as Nora Roberts and Dav Pilkey.

Julie later founded her own independent publishing house that gained national distribution before its acquisition. Her depth of experience in editing, digital strategy, book production, sales and marketing uniquely positions Julie in her current dual roles furthering the reach of both independent authors through StreetLib USA and helping independent authors and publishers reach their goals.

Her career reflects a keen eye for talent and content combined with digital savvy and the ability to advance authors and publishers through the opportunities afforded by new technologies and distribution channels.

Her elite coaching is designed for committed career authors and independent publishers focused on reaching the widest possible audiences.

I was focusing my time and energy in all the wrong places and Julie's approach to social media and time management skills helped me to get my online presence in order and build a following. She's knowledgable concerning every area of publishing and compassionate to the struggles of authors - exactly the kind of consultant a new author needs to jumpstart a career.

Jessica Taylor Author

Next Steps...

If you need help with creating & executing on your marketing and systems plans for your publishing career...

If you need strategic advice and help on querying, positioning or distribution…

If you’re ready for a no-fluff approach to taking calculated action, working off of solid digital marketing strategy, in a coaching setting where you cannot hide...

You can apply now to see if you are a fit for the Publishing Navigator



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